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What is is just another draft tool for the MOBA game Heroes of the Storm.
Why did you create
There are a number of other draft tools on the web. I did not like the other ones because of missing features (filter and contemporary updates for new heroes), so I created my own draft tool.
Now you can enjoy, too.
What are the requirements to use uses a lot of cool technologies. So you need an up-to-date browser.
To provide real-time drafting your browser has to support WebSockets. You also need a display resolution of 1440x900 or above so everything fits in the browser. As an observer you need a 1080p display resolution to enjoy the draft.
Whoa! This website does sounds. How can I disable them? uses HTML5 audio effects to give you a more in-game feeling when in the draft.
If you like to draft with a little quiet you can disable the sounds by clicking the button in the bottom left corner.